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    eMalaysia University (MU) (Level 12-20) Courses Outline

    Carr de Vaux
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    eMalaysia University (MU) (Level 12-20) Courses Outline Empty eMalaysia University (MU) (Level 12-20) Courses Outline

    Post by Carr de Vaux on Wed Mar 17, 2010 5:43 am

    Political leaders, propagandists and spy School (PLPSS)
    1. eMalaysia history
    2. eWorld history
    3. Diplomacy and Political studies 101
    4. Media III.
    5. Spy 101

    Nagyzee Business School (NBS)
    1. Company management 101 - domestic operation
    2. Company management 201 - exporting and global trade
    3. Functions and operations of State-owned cooperation
    4. Monetary management and trading
    5. v2 Economics in eWorld

    West-Borneo Point Military School (WBPM)
    1. Military Structure and Command Line
    2. Mobile military
    3. Elite squad unit
    4. v2 Advanced military attacking tactics
    5. v2 Advanced defensive tactics
    6. v2 Military Strategies

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